How to Measure Yourself!

How to Measure Yourself!

There are two ways to pick the best size beads.

First Method~ Using your shirt size.

In the past, it has been proven that my LeiBellas were able to use their shirt size to know which bead size would fit them best.


Want something a bit more accurate to take out the guess work? No problem. All you'll need is some measuring tape!


Here are the steps:

1. You'll need to measure between your waist line (the top of your stomach), and your hip line (the bottom of your stomach). As this will determine where the beads will sit

         - Closer to the waist: a nice, tight look

         - Closer to the hips: a cute, dangly image

2. Once you decide which look you want, you need to line the top (usually silver) part of the measuring tape up with your belly button, so you'll have an accurate stopping point

3. Wrap the measuring tape around yourself, stopping when the measuring tape meets again at your belly button

4. Make sure to use the number where the measuring tape feels comfortable!! Whether you would like the beads on the tighter side, or on the looser side is completely up to you!


Need more clarification? DM me today!

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