Cleansed & Covered

Cleansed & Covered

It is very important to cleanse your body beads, especially if they are being worn all day! When placing waistbeads on the body, especially beads that have crystals attached, it is important to have pure intentions set before them. Crystals have the amazing ability to help a person grow through their energy, and can even target the root, sacral, or solar plexus Chakra depending on where they're being worn. Crystal waistbeads can be a beautiful and high-powered tool for a person's everyday life, when being cared for properly. 

It is extremely important for crystals to not only be cleansed, but also charged. Here are some ways to know if your beads are due for a cleanse/charge: 


      -  Something feels off, or you're not feeling like your usual self

      - It feels as though your energy is being drained from you

      - You were around negative people/energy

      - It's been over 30 days (I recommend trying to cleanse at the beginning/end of each month!)

      - If you've been in a busy environment




Now that you know some ways to spot when it's time for a cleanse, let's get into how:
1. Remove waistbeads (if removable)
2. Set them on a stand, or lay them out on a clean surface
3. Grab some incense of your choice
4. While burning the incense and moving the smoke around your beads, set your intentions. This can be done by speaking, praying, humming, or even simply thinking
5. When you feel as though the beads are clean, put the incense out, allow your beads to sit for 5-10 minutes in the sun, and then you can put them back on!
For recharging your beads:
1. Remove waistbeads (if possible)
2. Wash beads in water for about 2 minutes
       - Water Recommendations: Spring, Alkaline, Ocean, or Moonwater
3. After rinsing, lay them out in the sun for about an hour, or leave them in the moonlight while you rest
4. Use sage/incense to cleanse the energy of the beads, while setting new intentions and then you can put them back on!
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