♡⋅a look behind the scenes⋅♡

Read here to learn more about myself and my journey!


My journey while creating BodyLei Jewelry has been anything but easy.


I'm Essence. The owner of BodyLei.

I first started wearing waistbeads when I decided to take my gym goals seriously. I was extremely skinny and stepping on the scale was resulting in a lot of doubt and second-guessing, so I decided to find a tracking method that wouldn't be so heavy on my mental state. This is when waistbeads came into play!

The only thing I didn't love about my waistbead was that it was only sold in 50in, meaning I had to tie it on and cut it myself, which I wasn't fond of. Due to this, I began making my own so that I knew it would fit me no matter what, without wasting any materials. Eventually I started making some for friends and family, and it grew into the beautiful business you see today!

With this being said, I want all of my gorgeous LeiBellas to know that I created this business for YOU. For the women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and journeys. My items are hand-made and customizable for your lifestyles and your intentions. Never second-guess yourself or your journey! Especially when you have BodyLei Jewelry here to have the back the whole way!


A woman's life is never easy. We fight so many battles, both internally and externally, and deserve the world, along with everything in it. Join the FamiLei today and allow BodyLei to support you in your journey through life!