What Are Waistbeads & What Are They Used For?

What Are Waistbeads & What Are They Used For?

Waistbeads, aka belly beads or body beads, are pieces of jewelry usually worn around the waist. They are made by stringing together an assortment of small glass beads, crystal pieces, and charms. Waistbeads became popular throughout West Africa, specifically Ghana and Nigeria. Women are known to wear this jewelry to acknowledge and honor their feminity.

All beads have different meanings depending on the chosen colors, styles, crystals, charms, and more! Although, they're all very significant in their own way.

The use of waistbeads is also very versatile. Women use them for:

     ~ Weight tracking

     ~ Protection

     ~ Showing purity

     ~ Attracting certain energy



No matter what you may be wearing your waistbeads for, it should be worn under pure intentions, for the betterment of yourself and your energy. Need help choosing which colors are best for you? Here are a few colors and their meanings:

White: Purity, light, and truth.

Gold: Better health, power, and wealth

Green: Prosperity, abundance, and nature

Black: Protection and power and protection, and

Purple: Wisdom and royalty

Blue: Truth and loyalty and truth

Pink: Love, care, beauty, and kindness

Yellow: Happiness, energy, and joy

Red: Strength, confidence, and vitality.



Waistbeads are meant to help women with their growth and healing journeys. They are for ALL women of every shape and size. Although you do not have to be African in order to wear them, it is important to understand the meaning and traditions behind them before purchasing. With this being said, it is also important that your beads have a significant meaning to you, and you should never feel pressured to explain the meaning to someone else.

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